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My Design Process

My design process is a coordinated approach, working with the best trade associates as a team, and always listening to your requirements for an expertly customised experience.

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Enquiry Stage

  1. I have received your enquiry regarding Interior Design work.
  2. I email you Interior Design information for your perusal.

Scope Stage

  1. We have our initial meeting. I look forward to being able to sit down and listen to your ideas and find out what is important to you.
  2. So you can see I have listened and understood what you want me to help you achieve, I record your verbal brief into a Scope of Work.  It will include a General Overview, a list of the specific tasks I need to perform to realise your dream, my Terms & Conditions, and estimated fee.
  3. You are welcome to edit any of the recorded Specific Tasks, and I will amend my estimated fee accordingly.
  4. Once the Scope of Work is accepted, this stage is invoiced at 50% of the estimated design fee, and I will commence work immediately.

Design Stage

  1. I complete workable scale drawings of relevant spaces, and existing furniture and accessories (eg rugs) that you wish to include in your new interior design, so I can ensure optimum furniture layout.  (All new furniture will also be included in the space planning.)
  2. To help you visualise how your new interior design may look, I can create electronic mood boards of furniture and accessories, which we can fine tune as the interior design evolves.
  3. I will research, source and specify all the tasks listed in the Specific Scope of Work.
  4. To help in your decision making I will take you retail and trade showrooms so you can see I have specified.
  5. All final decisions are recorded in a Specification document for you to review, and to use as a valuable reference in the future.
  6. The Design Stage is completed and invoiced.

Implementation Stage

  1. I will provide a Quote for all purchases made through my trade accounts.
  2. Upon your permission to proceed, I will prepare an Invoice for the purchase of product through my accounts.  
  3. I will place Orders upon receipt of full payment for the goods. (50% deposit is requested for items that have a long lead time, and final payment prior to delivery.)
  4. I will coordinate measure and quotes from necessary suppliers, manufacturers and importers, and follow through as necessary.
  5. The Implementation Stage is invoiced.

Completion Stage

  1. The project is completed and I walk through with you and ensure you are completely satisfied with the end result.
  2. My final touch will be to dress your house, and this is complimentary to you.
  3. I invite you to write a review for me.

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