A Stunning Maximalist Home

Cambridge, New Zealand


The minimalist aesthetic is less is more.  On the other hand, the maximalist aesthetic is more is more.  A maximalist will mixture patterns, use strong colours, have an abundance of embellishment, and an excess of decoration.  My Cambridge client personifies this style, and I wholly embraced the opportunity to express my inner maximalism.

We started with a blank canvas, and then layered each room little by little until we felt there was enough.  We placed the largest items first, and finished with the smallest.  After each placement, we stood back and took time to observe the effect of yet another piece.  With maximalisation it is important to maintain a good 'visual weight', which is achieved by the balance of scale, texture and colour.  My client and I had lots of fun and banter.

Donna totally understood how I was wanting the different rooms in my home to feel.  I have always loved colour, and different textures, the more the better.  It helped that Donna has the patience of a saint, is a true professional, and has great vision for the end result.  We eventually reached a point where she sat me down with a cup of tea, and we agreed 'enough is enough'.
Patsy Davies

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