A Home Inspired by the Sea

Auckland, New Zealand


There is always a starting point in interior design.  One of the inspirations I drew upon for this home was the beautiful kitchen design by Toni Roberts of Kitchen Architecture.  I referred to the colours and finishes she had specified to develop the interior design of the remainder of the home - I also drew upon the colours in nature, and on the client's affinity for the colour, blue.  The home has unobstructed views to sand stones and sea, and nature never gets it wrong when it comes to choosing colour, and composing wonderful combinations.  

First impressions count, and so we chose to make bold statement right from the entry point. We painted the stairs in a striking blue, called Hauraki Gulf, and the paint colour's name alone is meaningful because the house stands on the Gulf. The softer blue walls in Franz Josef in the open-plan kitchen and casual living area maintain a cohesive connection with the impact of the blue entry staircase, the kitchen colour & finishes, and the serene blues observed in the seascape. 

We laid floorboards throughout the ground floor in tones of weathered wood, and used soft sandy neutrals, and a white, the colour of the caps of waves, to complement the blue hues used in all textures and finishes throughout the home, including the choice of paint colour for the ceiling, architectural trims, rugs, window treatments, and upholstery.  

It is almost like Donna could read our minds, but it was a little bit more detailed than this.  She interpreted our verbal brief into a written overview, so we could see she had listened and understood what we wanted, and then she made the written word come alive.  We live right beside beautiful Little Manly beach, and all the colours and textures of the seascape have been re-created in our interior design.  Donna also incorporated all our family memorabilia and collectables into the scheme, and so, we have a home that is us!!
The Turners

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